Extreme Networks, Inc. Selects Cambridge Consulting


LOS GATOS, CA, June 1, 2002 - Cambridge Consulting, a leading provider of post payment auditing and consulting services, signed a contract with Extreme Networks, to consult with the procurement and AP departments.

"Once again, the leaders in our technology led economy are selecting Cambridge Consulting to assist them in their efforts to eliminate random and systemic errors in processing and procedures within the finance department," stated Marc d'E Vallancey, Managing Partner at Cambridge Consulting. "As we have done with all clients, we will work completely independently, providing a turnkey solution from start to finish, while at the same time working closely with Suzy Seandel. Extreme will be provided with a detailed report of findings, and we will be working closely to help them implement any changes they deem necessary to correct any issues highlighted through our work."

"In light of our rapid growth at Extreme Networks, it was time that we had an independent party review the details of our activity, with the eye to recovering lost profits" said Suzy Seandel, the Corporate Controller. "We wanted Cambridge to review all of our activity. This allows us to get a good idea of how well we are implementing our processes and procedures".

About Extreme Networks

Founded in 1996 by Gordon Stitt, and taken public on October 20th 1999, Extreme Networks is a leader in network equipment and infrastructure development. Extreme Networks provides an effective applications infrastructure by creating networks that are faster, less complex and more cost-effective than conventional solutions. Headquartered in Santa Clara, Calif., Extreme Networks sells it awarding-winning switching solutions in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit www.extremenetworks.com

About Cambridge Consulting

Cambridge Consulting is a leading provider of accounts payable and other audit recovery services as well as payment and procurement consulting to large corporations, and other transaction-intensive companies. Cambridge Consulting identifies and documents overpayment by using customer tailored software programs and other advanced audit techniques and methodologies, and does so by employing highly trained, experienced audit recovery specialists. Cambridge Consulting continuously innovates and refines its auditing and consulting practices and techniques so as to ensure consistency, with the latest in accounting procedures, it's auditors' experiences, and its clients' practices.

Cambridge Consulting serves their European clients from offices in Cambridge and Bristol in the United Kingdom, and in the USA from Los Gatos, California, and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

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Marc d'E Vallancey, Managing Partner, Cambridge Consulting,

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