The Process

Step I: Research

We get to know the specifics governing your contracts,as well as understand the design, creation, and delivery of your product or service, down to the last detail.

Step II: Review

We search your accounts payable data and review your purchasing records, examining everything from contracts to correspondence, invoices to shipping documents. Our sophisticated software efficiently analyses EDI accounts-payable processes, noting the exceptions that we need to review and evaluate.

Step III: Recover

Once we've identified an overpayment and received supplier approval, the claim is processed and credit usually taken against outstanding payables or future purchases. Every issue is concluded before we leave.

Step IV: Report

Our 20 or so post-audit reports are nothing short of comprehensive review of your accounting practices, helping to uncover any flaws in your systems and to reveal ways to improve your departmental efficiencies. We include specific recommendations to correct each situation.

Our Clients


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